Warner Center Dental Group has been practicing in Warner Center for over 30 years. The doctors Warner Center Dental share a philosophy of conservative excellence and meeting your needs not ours.

We believe that a healthy natural tooth is the best tooth and so we emphasize preventing problems before they happen.

We also know that there are times when you may feel that your smile is just not as good as it could be. We can help you with finding ways to give you that smile you've always wanted.

Our recent relocation brought the opportunity to build an office with the latest innovations available.


Our sterilization system ensures that each instrument we use is either sterilized or new and disposable. We utilize steam autoclaves and cassettes just like in hospitals and constantly monitor the levels through an outside agency.

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One of the areas of dentistry most quickly expanding is the use of Lasers. We use lasers to aid in diagnosis, soft tissue care and some fillings on teeth. If you hate the sound of the drill and the feel of the shot lasers may be for you.

Digital X-rays

Digital x-rays will someday be the standard of care. With much less radiation to you we can instantly get an image that can be enhanced to maximize its diagnostic potential and be sent electronically.

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Water Line Supply

Biofilm has been in the news and is very hard to treat once it is established. Our water lines have been treated continuously since they were installed with the isolated distilled water technique so bioflim has never had the chance to get started.

Good Neighbors – Environmentally Sound

With our new dry vacuum system we have reduced our water usage by thousands of gallons a day. Our digital x-ray system no longer requires developer or fixer fluids which later must be disposed of. Reduction in the use of sliver/mercury fillings reduces mercury in our environment.

Patient Education System

We have a vast library on disc covering every conceivable dental topic. Once you understand your options we can use our intra oral cameras to show you how the concepts relate to the reality in your mouth.

Fiber Optic Lights

All of our hand pieces are equipped with fiber optic lights that illuminate our working area. This combined with our use of optical magnification allows us to see those tiny details that can determine the success or failure of each procedure.


Intra Oral Cameras

All of our rooms are equipped with intra-oral cameras that allow us to show you exactly the conditions that we are seeing blown up on a screen.

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