Dental Terms

Removable Prosthetics

Otherwise known as dentures, these are used to replace teeth when no other options are available and can be used to improve your smile and reduce wrinkles.

Fixed Prosthetics
Fixed Prosthetics are used to replace teeth by suspending the false tooth from the two adjacent teeth. Crowns are usually necessary on the adjacent teeth.

Titanium cylinders replace the roots of the missing teeth and a crown replaces the part you can see. Implants have the advantage of not needing support from the adjacent teeth.

Onlays are used when the cavity is too large for filling but a crown would be unnecessary. These onlays are bonded to the tooth imparting strength while preserving as much of your tooth as possible.

Tooth Whitening
Stains that have accumulated on your teeth can be removed with tooth whitening. We like the tray method because it employs a gentle ingredient that whitens your teeth gradually. Next year, if you would like to have a touch up, the same trays can be used reducing the cost.

Cosmetic Recontouring
Cosmetic Recontouring involves minor alterations that restore symmetry to your smile.

Bonding refers to the use of tooth colored, reinforced composite material to restore tooth structure lost by cavities or chipping. Bonding can be used to close minor gaps or spaces between teeth.

Porcelain Veneers
Porcelain Veneers have revolutionized dentistry. We can transform smiles with out compromising teeth. Veneers are thin, sculpted layers of porcelain that go over your teeth changing the color, shape, and position in the blink of an eye.

Crowns or ‘caps’ are used to restore teeth when they have been extensively damaged and require support. Crowns can be made from porcelain, gold or a combination depending on the situation.

Periodontal Disease
Plaque left on teeth irritates the gum and makes it bleed. If this situation is allowed to persist the bone around the teeth will start to dissolve reducing support. If nothing is done the tooth will get loose and finally be lost. It all starts with plaque removal. We are expert at detecting periodontal disease, removing plaque and teaching you prevention techniques.

A dentist who has specialized training to treat diseases of the gum.

Laser Dentistry
Dental treatment using a laser instead of a drill.